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New Music Video for 'Deixa'

'Deixa' is a song I wrote with my dear friend JoAntonio Cruz-Moreno and it illustrates the journey of conquering self love by listening to our inner voices. In the quietness of our minds lay all the answers to our biggest questions in life. It sounds obvious, but we tend to completely ignore it. Through pain we are forced to stop all the rushing around and to be left alone with our only selves, and by embracing the moment, sometimes we figure it all out. 
I'm grateful for my moments of pain, for their teachings and for the songs that come to life because of it, like ‘Deixa’.

'Deixa' and the third track of a 3 song EP I recorded in 2014 with the musical support of: 
Joao Pedro Mourao on Guitars
Simon Carroll on Drums and Percussion
Jose Pablo Peña on Bass
Jeff Goodkind on Piano and Arrangement
Vocal Production Carla Rigolin Hassett
Recorded, produced and mixed by Alberto Lopez 
Mastered by Joel Soyffer at Coney Island Studio, in Glendale, CA

Thank you all super talented musicians! I’m honored to share the creation of this song with you all!

I’m also grateful for the people that have been supporting me from the beginning and for talented friends that choose to join forces and keep creating, regardless of low budgets.

Thank you Nanda MazzaGrecco BurattoJudy CascalesFatehbir Kaurand Antonio Cruz for your financial help! This video wouldn’t have been possible without your collaboration.

I wanna thank Melissa Castro for being so creative, professional and giving. You brought my vision to life in the best possible way!

Thank you Sofia Grace for embracing the lyrics and bringing their emotions to life in such a magical way, you’re a star!

Thank you @MashaNova! Your input was just perfect for what we needed!

Thank you Gustavo Tolhuizen for sharing your time, your talent and for being so professional and responsive.

So here it is. Hope you enjoy it and share it!
Cheers to many more to come!