Caro Pierotto Brazilian Music

Brazilian Singer based out of Los Angeles that fuses Bossa Nova with World Music. Book now!

Not from here, nor from there


11 years ago I choose the USA as home. I always felt a better connection with the culture here. But things have changed so much. Not just here, but everywhere. Including my original home, BRAZIL. It's changed so much that sometimes I wonder where I'm gonna end up... But events like 'Brazilian Woman, a Celebration' reminded me how precious and uplifting Brazilian culture is. And regardless of any politics, or any other misfortunes Brazil is going through right now, what matters is how we carry it on inside of ourselves. And last night, after sharing the energy on stage and space with some with really special Brazilian people, something has really woken up in me. Even though I'm American now, I'm really not. And even though I was born and grew up in Brazil, I'm really not. I'm also not sure where I stand. But one thing I know. I'm lucky and I'm grateful. The warmth and lightness that exists between people when there's "Brasilidade" involved is undeniable. And I can't help but love that feeling! Yes! Please! Thank you! More! 

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