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Magical Saturday

This past Saturday I went on road trip with G to Sat Nam Fest 2016, at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, CA. On our way there, we listened to some late 80's and 90's tunes that we used to jam to and it was super fun! Road trips are meant for singing, period! :)

Two hours and forty minutes later, as soon as we registered, it already felt like we were in another planet. A planet were Oneness and Love rule. It had rained heavily on Friday, you could feel the earth breathing and the air was going fresh and light into my lungs. Aaaahhhh! So nice!

We went to perform with Guru Singh during his class, so we started setting up. On stage, Grecco and I were thrilled to join this most amazing group of musicians! Sukhdev Jackson, Akahdahmah Jackson, Oshri Hakak, Nick Shapiro, AJ Oliveira. It was truly a magical experience to share space with such wonderful beings!

The more I do it, the more I get engaged in it! What a blessing it is to be able to use my voice as a healing tool through singing. Singing has, from the beginning, always been a healing tool for me, but doing it with the intent of helping others has definitely taking it to a whole other level. I am grateful for this opportunity and I surrender to the power of it. Yes, please, thank you, more.

"You've got to disappear in the way you think you are in order to be who you are." Guru Singh

With Gratitude and Love always,

Caro :)