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It Starts with Me

    Last week I was having a hard time feeling hopeful and positive with our world, with my world. It was like seeing everything through a black and white filter. No hope, no motivation. I was asking myself, why even bother? We are all doomed already. There’s nothing to be done. I might as well surrender to this reality that I have no control over. Shootings everywhere, bomb attacks, racism, child starvation, debt all over, poisoned food, poisoned water, zero compassion amongst human beings between us and animals and ourselves and our planet… the list goes on and on. And it’s depressing. How did we get here? Where did we forget about our values? About what we are? Do we even know what we are, and why we’re here for? Well, I don’t feel like we do.

    It’s a roller coaster of feelings. When I’m at the bottom I just want to give up. But then what? Why am I here for? How do I live my days if I can’t change anything? How? Just asking myself that question brought me back to light, back to the top. I can’t give up. I just can’t. I wasn’t born to give up, I was born to fight, to conquer, to be part of the change. Even if it’s just inside of me. After all, that is all I’m in charge of anyway. Everything else is just a consequence of how I feel inside. 

    As a woman, I go through these ups and downs quite frequently, every month actually :). And I love it! It always brings me back to what’s real. Going through the darkness, through disbelief, always puts everything into a different perspective. And when I come back to light I always feel stronger, inspired and certain that even though sometimes I have no idea of what’s going on, I know that I’m doing my homework day by day. I’m standing for the values I believe in. I accept my reality at the moment and I embrace it with all my attention. I try to be LOVE with myself, everything and everyone around me at all times. It is not an easy task I’ll tell you that, but it’s lifetime journey. Day by day. Bit by bit. As long as I keep improving on my actions as a compassionate human being my worth is set on this planet at this moment. And hopefully my presence will help heal this crazy point in time we’re living in. If we all stand up straight with our hearts full of hope and compassion I believe we can do it. Together we can. The Buhda said, ‘Be the change you wanna see int he world’.It starts with me.

Hope you all have a great week !

With Love and Gratitude always,

Caro :)