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I am me

Pic by Caca Santoro

As life unveils its beautiful self in front of me, it’s really easy for me to take things for granted. Days come after nights, nights come after days and all the walls I climbed to be here become random happenings in the past.

Recently, I was auditioning to be the Singer and the face for this project. It was a great supported project, with every step planned and prepped for success. They wanted this woman that sang a certain way and had this persona to her. It seemed like a great opportunity, like the one I had been waiting for. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn't make it to the part.

At first I was a little sad. It’s never fun to receive a no, nor it was fun to be appointed of all the “wrong” things about my singing by someone that knows the business. It broke me for a second, I won’t lie. After all I had given my best, I learned the songs, I gave my time and my energy. I even though I never really connected to the songs, at least not like I do to mine, I never set up for failure, I always go for success. But this time my all wasn’t enough. And of course it wasn’t, because I’m not that woman they were looking for, I am me. And I realized that, me not being good enough for the project was just an opinion, and they’re entitled to their own opinion. 

I am grateful to have been analyzed by such high standards professionals, it was a great lesson. It was also a great reminder of how hard I fought to be here, how hard I fought to be me. I am not a product of some project. I’m an Artist. A self made Artist. A self funded Artist. I write and sing my own songs. I sing my life. I’m not trying to fit into any mold or any expectation, that’s actually the whole reason why I do what I do, because I feel free, as an human being and as an Artist. I’m just expressing what runs through me , like an instrument not as a result of a recipe. I’m just being who I can’t help not being, myself.

I love the air I breath and there’s no money or opportunity that can ever buy me this feeling. But of course that’s just my opinion, but I’m also entitled to my own opinion :)

And that I had taken for granted, the joy of being in charge of me.

Meanwhile I stick to my journey and all the walls I’ve yet to gracefully climb :) 

Here's a link to a video I shared last week on my Facebook feed. I think it goes really well with this subject. Hope you like it!

Dealing with jealousy in 'My Tum' by Chelsea Handler

Love who you are, there’s only one of you. Embrace your uniqueness and make the best out of what life gives you. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Caro :)

Thank s for reading!