Caro Pierotto Brazilian Music

Brazilian Singer based out of Los Angeles that fuses Bossa Nova with World Music. Book now!


Listen to Caro's Debut album VOLTA AO MUNDO released in April 2013 with Marbella. The album was produced and recorded by the Grammy Award Winner Producer Alberto Lopez and mastered by the also Grammy Winner Engineer Joel Soyffer at Coney Island Studios in Glendale, CA.

 "Synchronicity brought Caro Pierotto, Antonio Cruz and Simon Carroll together, and to play music was their goal. After almost a year performing cover songs, writing their own material became inevitable. The whole creative process happened very naturally and 'VOLTA AO MUNDO' was written throughout the year of 2010. The song's lyrics reflect Caro's blooming process into being the Singer and Songwriter she already was and didn't know, yet."

Album musician credits:

Percussion Alberto Lopez I Acoustic Guitar Antonio Cruz I Drums Leo Costa I Acoustic and Electric Bass Nando Raio I Piano and Melodica Jeff Goodkind I Vocals and Backing Vocals Caro Pierotto

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Back in 2012, after Antonio Cruz left Marbella, I started playing Jeremy Bieber on Guitar. And even though we were playing Marbella songs, I realized that we were sounding differently. As time passed by, I met Jeff Goodking (one of the best Piano players I had ever met) and eventually we started playing together. Jeremy Bieber left as well and luckily JP Mourão came into the picture (guitar virtuoso). So there was I surrounded by amazing musicians and naturally we all gave birth to three new songs. I'm really grateful for that chapter because I expanded so much as an Artist. I learned tons from this beautiful beings. So that's the moment I now call Caro + Piano.

 The 3 song EP was recorded in 2014 with JP Mourão on Guitars, Simon Carroll on Drums and Percussion, Jose Pablo Peña on Bass and Jeff Goodkind on Piano. Jeff also arranged all 3 songs. Also recorded, produced and mixed by Alberto Lopez and mastered by Joel Soyffer at Coney Island Studios.

'Dois Lados' is the first song of the Caro +Piano EP and it talks about the duality of life. Day and Night. Left and Right. Yes and No. Black and White. To mention a couple of examples of how opposites balance each other out and helps us walk through our journeys.

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'O Jeito' is the second song of the Caro +Piano EP and it illustrates how sometimes in life all it takes is someone to believe in you. The way they look at you, the way they see you, ends up motivating you to reach out for your highest dreams. Sometimes that's all one needs, a little push. I had that experience and I decided to write this song to honor it. Very grateful for it!

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'Deixa' is the third song of the Caro +Piano EP and it shows the journey of conquering self love by listening to our inner voices. In the quietness of our minds lay the answers to our biggest questions in life. It sounds obvious, but its so simple that we tend to completely ignore it. Through pain we are forced to stop all the rushing, and to be alone with our only selves, and by embracing the moment, sometimes we figure it all out. I'm grateful for my moments of pain.

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