Caro Pierotto launches bilingual project and celebrates her music without borders

 With songs in Portuguese and English, the new double album reveals the singer’s connection

with the rhythms of Brazil and the United States.


Brazilian artist based in Los Angeles, California, Caro Pierotto is releasing on May 8th the double album: “Caro Pierotto in Portuguese”, with seven tracks, and “Caro Pierotto in English”, with four tracks. The bilingual project reinforces the artist's ability to express her art without borders, mixing rhythms ranging from xote to reggae, through pop and ballads with an American soul touch.


“This project celebrates my fluidity through different musical genres and my independence as an artist”, says the singer about the first album with only her own compositions. The Portuguese EP includes the single Papel Passado, a contagious xote released in February 2018, accompanied by a beautiful video clip that includes the actors who inspired the song. There is also the nostalgic Mera Ilusão, a classic Samba released in September 2018, and selected for the renowned playlist “Samba de Roda” curated by Spotify, alongside great names of the Brazilian samba scene like Rogê, Maria Rita and Criolo.


In English, the songs Guess What, a romantic pop ballad, and It Starts With Me, a groovy reggae soul, are both filled with encouragement for personal empowerment.


Produced by Grecco Buratto (Shakira, Gwen Stefani), the project has a team of musicians starring in the international market: Brendan Buckley and Léo Costa on drums, Felipe Fraga on drums and percussion, Erik Kertes and Isaias Elpes on bass, JP Mourão on guitars, Daniel Mandelman on keyboards, Stephen Bradley on trumpet. Impeccably mixed by the multi Grammy winners Gus Borner and Justin Moshkevich (, and mastered by the also multi Grammy winner, Robert Carranza (Tiago Iorc, Seu Jorge).


Released simultaneously, EPs in Portuguese and English are available on all main digital platforms, under the Brazilain award-winning alternative label, YB Music.

About Caro Pierotto

Born in Novo Hamburgo, RS, Caro Pierotto moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2008, where she studied music at Santa Monica College and started her music career.


The artist actively collaborates with the local cultural scene, taking the rhythms of Brazil to global productions, such as the film track “Trash - Esperança Vem do Lixo”, with producer Pharrell Williams and artist Maxine Ashley.


Released in 2013, “Marbella” was her first original work, followed by the debut album, “Volta Ao Mundo” (2013), produced and recorded by a Grammy-winning producer and engineer, Alberto Lopez. The album entered the 2014 Grammy contestants list and became a favorite on the prestigious American radio station KCRW.


With a captivating voice and a repertoire that includes samba, forró, reggae, soul and pop, Caro Pierotto goes beyond any labels and expresses her art disregarding any frontiers in musical genres, always focusing on bringing love, hope and healing through her music.