We are pleased to share that Caro Pierotto’s first solo album

 is on the ballot for this year’s GRAMMY® awards.

Best World Music Album:
Em Português 
Released May 8, 2020 on YB Music
“This project celebrates my expression through different
musical genres and my independence as an artist”
The album showcases a tasteful sampler of Brazil's rich
rhythmic musical culture.
'Em Português' includes the single Papel Passado, a contagious Xote,
accompanied by a beautiful video clip that includes the actors who inspired the song.

There is also the nostalgic Mera Ilusão, a classic Samba, and selected for the renowned playlist “Samba de Roda” curated by Spotify, alongside great names of the Brazilian samba scene like Rogê, Maria Rita and Criolo.

Produced by Grecco Buratto (Shakira, Gwen Stefani), the project has a team of
musicians starring in the international market: Brendan Buckley and Léo Costa
on drums, Felipe Fraga on drums and percussion, Erik Kertes and Isaias Elpes
on bass, JP Mourão on guitars, Daniel Mandelman on keyboards,
Arturo Solar and Stephen Bradley on trumpets.
Impeccably mixed by the multi Grammy winners Gus Borner and
Justin Moshkevich (Roberto Carlos, Fito Paez, Santana) and mastered by the also
multi Grammy winner, Robert Carranza (Tiago Iorc, Seu Jorge).
"The expressiveness and technical mastery in Caro Pierotto’s voice underscores Brazil’s tradition of great female singers, 

 from Sylvia Telles to Gal Costa. The fact that she can also write songs

of breathtaking beauty is nothing short of remarkable."

- Ernesto Lechner (LA Times, NPR)


"Caro's vocals are as authentic as her
personality. There's a light that shines right
through her and her music."
- Aaron Byrd, (KCRW Radio)