I'm feeling the hope rise back up!

Letting go of our furry son Max 18 days ago, has been the hardest thing we have ever been through as a couple.

The moment that Max chose to go, couldn’t have been better. We had spent the last 3 months together as a family, everyday, due to COVID-19. We had never been all 3 together for so long before. And it was great!

Grecco and I have been going through the waves of grieving and all the phases that it entails. First denial. Then anger. Then bargaining. And now I feel like we’re moving from depression to acceptance, as the pain slowly is transformed into gratitude, into love.

I’m so happy Grecco’s home, as opposed to being on tour like usually. I don’t think I would have been able to do this process on my own.

We had always been the 3 of us, since the beginning of our relationship 7 years ago.

A couple of years in, Max chose Grecco as his master and they had the most loving relationship. It was beautiful to see Grecco open up and experience Max’s unconditional love.

So that was our dynamic. The 3 of us. And now, as we grieve, we are also learning how to be just the 2 of us.

It has been a real deep and transformational experience as we help each other heal from the hole Max’s departure has left in our hearts.

We will forever love and remember Max with all of our love and gratitude and I’m grateful that I’m going though this by his side.

Here’s my love and empathy to all of you who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This is my first time and I’ll tel you, it is not an easy one. We all will departure eventually, but we will live forever in the moments we shared with each other.

Let’s do our best to be present, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, and to love each other with kindness as we navigate through life and build eternal moments with our loved ones.

I’m feeling the hope rise back up.

Happy Sunday!