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In new album, 

Caro Pierotto showcases 

swing and authenticity

After exploring music genres in her previous productions, the singer and songwriter

resurfaces with an optimistic album lulled by Samba rhythms.

"Caro Pierotto’s Sambalismo excels as one of the year’s best Brazilian albums. Every aspect, from her songwriting and arrangements to her performance and personnel, is simply world-class. It is rare when a Samba album can entertain and inspire so completely, from beginning to end."

-Scott Adams  

Connect Brazil

"The expressiveness and technical mastery in
Caro Pierotto’s voice underscores Brazil’s tradition of great female singers - from Sylvia Telles to Gal Costa. The fact that she can also write songs of breathtaking beauty is nothing short of remarkable."   

-Ernesto Lechner 

Latin Alternative for NPR



Caro Pierotto

Vocals, Arrangements and Executive Production
Grecco Buratto

Production, Arrangements, Cavaquinho, Programming, BGV's and Acoustic Guitar in  ‘À Nossa Volta’
JP Mourão

Acoustic Guitar, Seven String Guitar, Arrangements, BGV's and Cavaquinho in  ‘À Nossa Volta’
Felipe Fraga

Drums, Percussions, Arrangements and BGV's
Eva Scow

Bandolim in ‘À Nossa Volta’
Alberto Continentino

Acoustic and Electric Bass
Roberto Schilling

Piano and Keys
Otmaro Ruiz

Piano in ‘Meros Mortais’
Daniel Clarke

Órgão B3 in ‘Mal Acostumado’ and ‘Pára e Repára’
Jorge Continentino

Sax, Flute e Pífano
Marlon Sette

Diogo Gomes

Kana Shimanuki

BGV's im ‘Nesse Jogo’ ,‘À Nossa Volta’ and ‘Sei Lá’
Clarice Cast

BGV's im ‘Nesse Jogo’ ,‘À Nossa Volta’ and ‘Sei Lá’


Vocais em 'À Nossa Volta’ 

Recorded by Braulio Passos at Estúdio Rocinante in Araras, RJ  
Mixed por João Milliet
except ‘Não Dá Pra Esconder’ mixed by Gustavo Borner
and ‘Mal Acostumado’ mixed by Braulio Passos
Mastered by Robert Carranza

Zen Mohawk Records

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